Record Store Day 2017

There’s something about a record which is just so sexy – you can’t undress a mp3. As a sex-obsessed society, it’s no wonder why a ‘Vinyl Revival’ is happening, proven by the queues outside record stores over the weekend for the 10th Annual Record Store Day.

This is the first day of the year when my bank account truly hates me. There were so many records I was after, but I wasn’t willing to queue up for hours in the cold after a late night! But, I’ll be double checking to see if they have any leftover stock.

The first and most important one I was after was the first vinyl picture release of ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ by Placebo and David Bowie.

After posting the video to my facebook, I knew I just had to have it! When in the queue outside the shop, the woman in front of me obviously overheard me talking to BBC Essex saying how I was desperate to get it, and by the time I got inside, the same kind lady tapped me on the shoulder and gave me the last copy! On first playing the record, I became overwhelmed with mixed emotions: my love for both Bowie and Placebo, my love for this song, my sadness of Bowie’s passing (yes, it still affects me) and hearing the beauty of the lyrics.


How could I ever miss out on hearing alternate versions of Fleetwood Mac songs. Upon listening, it turns out that some of these songs are already on YouTube, but seriously, who wants to go trawling through YouTube when you can have them on your shelf, ready to be played at any time. Gypsy has got to be one of my favourite songs of all time.


This was, again, another no brainer. Growing up with my dad playing the likes of Frank Valli, Elvis, Herman Hermits and of course, The Hollies, I knew that he wouldn’t mind me playing this record loud. It’s the type of record that lets me just sit there, shaking my head like they would’ve done on stage. I loved hearing the introductions to each song and the interviews, it felt like I was listening to them on the radio back in the day.


And last but not least, just to keep things interesting, I got Bullet For My Valentine’s ‘I Don’t Need You’ on red vinyl, which an etched B-side. Alright, I know this isn’t exactly a money maker or a collector’s item, but I’m a fan, so deal with it! šŸ˜‰

I know I’m going to wind everyone in the house with playing these on repeat this week – sorry guys! Did everyone get what they wanted? Did you miss out on anything? Let me know below.


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