Mushroom Stroganoff (vegan)

First off, I would like to say that I am in no way a chef; I’m just a food lover. This wasn’t always the case, yet in recent years after much self-development, I have been able to try new food and now I can’t get enough! I also almost every day get asked ‘What do I eat?’ when somebody finds out I am vegan, and I simply reply, ‘More than what I used to.’ However, I guess this section of the blog is a kind of food diary. Hopefully, you will get some inspiration for your own meals and realise that a Vegan diet does not in mean a restrictive diet.

I figured I’d start by typing up what I had for dinner tonight, a yummy Mushroom Stroganoff, which I stole from One Green Planet. I was surprised to find vegan sour cream in my local Tesco’s  so I thought I’d give it a go and I must say… I think it tasted rather nice, but my presentation could use a bit of work. But I will learn!

The Intrepid Adventurer

I will say, the recipe’s suggested serving size is 4-6 people, yet I cooked the same amount and that served mum and myself; no leftovers. I don’t know if that’s just poor judgement on the chef’s size, or rather it suggests something about mum and me.

The Intrepid Adventurer-2

Find the recipe here: One Green Planet

Let me know if you make it and send me some pictures for presentation inspiration… 😉


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